strengthen muscles and maintain stamina BIOSELVITA is an inject preparation which help overcome muscle disorder, adding energy and increase immune system. The muscle weekness and energy shortage can happen because of too much activities of the animals such as after

Vitesel Inj

optimize growth and reproduction INDICATION • Prevent and treat vitamin E and selenium deficiencies diseases • Optimize immune system against disease • Optimize reproduction • Overcome stress • Increase weight gain and feed efficiency DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION Inject intramuscularly (through


wound treatment and myiasis prevention Dicodine is a spray preparation which has insecticidal and larvacidal activity that can kill screwworm which can cause damage in the muscle tissue and infection in animal’s wound. If the animal’s wound is not treated,


herbal multivitamin for optimal production INDICATION ● Enhances appetite ● Improves nutrient absorption in digestive tract ● Protects liver function ● Increases immune system ● Prevents stress and vitamin deficiency DOSAGE & ADIMINISTRATION Dissolve 1 gram into 2 liters of


herbal for control ammonia AMMOTROL is an herbal powder preparation containing herbal extract. INDICATION • Poultry : Controls ammonia and bad odor in farm, reduces FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio), increases body weight, and improves egg production • Swine : Controls


immunity enhancer IMUSTIM is a liquid preparation contains herbal extract. The active ingredient in the herbal can enhance immunity through increasing the interferon compound production (a and y) and TNF-a, induce NK-cells from Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), and increasing


protect liver function Indication Protects liver’s cells from damaged Optimizes performance Dosage & Administration Dissolve 0.5 ml per 2 liter of drinking water, administered in 3 consecutive days Shake well before using Caution Store in tightly closed container, in a


therapeutic agent against bacteria and coccidia FITHERA is effective against bacterial diseases (Coryza, CRD, & Colibacillosis) and Coccidiosis. Indication, Dosage, and Administration Caution Store in a tightly closed container, in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight Packaging


nasal decongestant & minimizes post vaccination reaction Respitoran helps to overcome respiratory disorder in poultry due to infection or post vaccination reaction. Indication helps to overcome respiratory disorder due to bacterial infections (CRD and Coryza) and viral infections (ILT, ND,

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