Applying Medion Care Values ​​at the 2017 National Meeting of Batu-Malang, East Java, was selected as the location to carry out the National Meeting of PT. Medion 2017. At the Singhasari Resort, February 8-11 2017, as many as 147 field workers and 34 ranks of the central management team of PT. Medion gathered. The event with the theme Committed to Quality was also attended by Jonas Jahja and his wife, Amalia Jonas, as the founder of PT. Medion. The purpose of holding the National Meeting was to increase employee competence by applying the values ​​of Medion Care.

In his speech, Jonas Jahja conveyed the values ​​of Medion Care in the form of an interesting story, so that the participants may easily absorb and understand it. In addition, a technical seminar with the theme “The Importance of Calibration of Testing Lab Measuring Instruments” was also held by speaker, drh. Christina Lilis, Technical Product Marketing Manager & drh. Ima, Technical Education & Consultation Staff. The topic of “The Dynamics of HPAI Virus, which has started to spread in several regions” was also brought up by drh. Christina Lilis, Technical Product Marketing Manager & Ine, Biological Molecular Research & Development Staff.

In accordance with the values of Medion Care, the opportunity was taken for PT. Medion to also appreciate the achievements of its employees by giving various awards, namely the Bakti Award for those who have devoted themselves for 5 to 25 years, awards for exemplary personnel, the best team, Achievement Tour (travel prizes) for outstanding marketing personnel, and the appointment of a new management team. In addition, all participants were invited to visit Jatim Park 2, Museum of Transportation, and Batu Night Spectacular.

Familiarity between participants is further formed when the Medirace game was held, in which participants compete to collect scores in groups representing the values ​​of Medion Care. A warm and meaningful atmosphere was also present at the celebration of Jonas Jahja and Amalia Jonas’ 48th wedding anniversary. Various unique and thoughtful gifts were given by the participants. The participants expressed that they were very happy because they could gather with all field workers from all over Indonesia, exchange ideas, and share experiences so that they may become more unified. They also returned to their respective work areas with more enthusiasm to achieve mutual success.

Foto Bersama Peserta Meeting Nasional 2017
Applying Medion Care Values ​​at the 2017 National Meeting

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