Medion is known as a successful manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and livestock equipment. Medion has been in the livestock industry for more than forty-five years and has became one of the leaders in the market. . Medion has also exported its products to various countries in Asia and Africa.

In the midst of its success, Medion continues to be committed to enhance the livestock industry through educational activities, namely by always sharing its knowledge with breeders and academics, both in Indonesia and abroad. Medion has routinely educated through training, online education, studium generale, and free newsletter Info Medion. This time, the founder of Medion, Jonas Jahja, had the opportunity to talk with students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada (FKH UGM) in the SiluVet (Other Side of Veterinarian), a special event owned by FKH UGM which was published through Youtube.

In the interview, which was conducted online on October 9, 2021, Jonas Jahja told how he initially started his business until now become one of the leading companies in Indonesia. In addition, Amanda Yonica, as an interviewer also explores the reasons behind why Medion routinely shares his knowledge with breeders and academics.

Watch Jonas Jahja’s full interview with FKH UGM below:

Jonas Jahja Shares Experience with Students

Produk Unggulan

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