On the occasion of National Children’s Day on July 23rd, 2022, Medion conducted an egg-eating campaign in four elementary schools. This activity aims to educate students about the benefits of eating eggs through seminars and distribution of cooked eggs and is one of the manifestations of the Medion Peduli Kesehatan programme.

While the health protocol is still in place, the first egg-eating campaign was held on July 19th, 2022, which was attended by 252 participants from SDN Singdangsari Cimareme and 365 participants from SDN 1 Cimareme. Not only that, on July 23rd, 2022, there are 381 participants from SDN 2 Cimareme and 409 participants from SDN 4 Cimareme also participated in this activity.

This activity began with distributing and eating eggs together for all students. Then continued with educational seminars, questions and answers followed, with prizes distributed to active participants and her 5th grade champions.

The participants admitted that they were very happy to participate in this activity and learn more about eggs and the benefits of consuming them. The school also said that with this activity, students can be healthier and hope that it will be carried out regularly every year. Hopefully, more schools will be able to join the Egg-Eating Campaign program.

Medion Invites Hundreds of Students to Eat Eggs Together
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