Medion Tours will be held again in 2018 with Manado as the destination. The event which was held from April 29th to May 3rd 2018 was attended by 178 participants who were breeders from all over Indonesia. They were invited to stay at Casabaio Paradise Resort, which is the most beautiful resort in Manado as it is surrounded by white sandy beaches and equipped with water games. The participants were also invited to play Treasure Hunt games with the concept of competition between teams, so that the participants may become more familiar with each other.

BBQ Party events and participant birthday celebrations also add a sense of kinship. Jonas Jahja and his wife, Amalia Jonas, as President Director of PT. Medion were also present to give wishes and converse with participants who were celebrating their birthday that day.

Apart from the beauty of the beach, participants were also invited to Tomohon City to visit Lake Linow which can change color. Afterwards, participants enjoyed lunch in the Okoy Flower Garden. Ekayana Pagoda is also a destination not to be missed when visiting Tomohon. The 8-story pagoda is an important icon of Tomohon City. What is unique is that during the trip to Tomohon, the committee held a Manado Quiz which invited participants to answer questions about Manado. This game adds to the kinship between the participants.

Apart from traveling to interesting places, participants did not forget to shop at the largest souvenir center in Manado. They can buy delicious Manado specialties such as klappertaart, goroho banana, fufu skipjack and many more. There are also various souvenirs such as filigree cloth and tarsier statues.

The excitement of the event was furthered by the addition of the Vlog Competition with the theme “Exploring Manado.” All participants can choose the sub-themes to be followed, namely Manado Tourist Attractions, Food in Manado, or Togetherness in Manado. The video that is contested has a maximum duration of 1 minute and uploaded to Instagram, must mention the Instagram account @MedionWisata and use the hashtag #MainDiManadoBarengMedion (“Playing Together in Manado with Medion”). All of these interesting games attracted the participants’ interest and succeeded in increasing the kinship among participants. They all returned to their respective areas with new experiences and relationships.

Impressions and Messages:

Mulyadi – Barokah Agung Jaya Abadi (Pendi) KL Banjarmasin

During this Medion Tour I felt happy because the service was so extraordinary compared to the other tours I have been on. The tourist destinations visited are very special, the hotels were classy, ​​and the food was delicious. I am sure that Medion is very good at finding tourist attractions in the country, so whenever I have the opportunity I will definitely join this event again.

Nuryanto – Aseng Farm Sukabumi

Every time I join Medion Wisata, I always feel “perfect”. I see the seriousness of PT. Medion committee and its work ethic is very different from other companies, that’s what always impresses me. Truly extraordinary. My hope is that the next tourist destination will be more interesting and extraordinary, like for example Derawan.

Hendro Sugondo & Wilijati Oendinoto – HS Farm Pekalongan

Our impression of participating in Medion Wisata is very pleasant and satisfying, according to expectations. Very exciting, especially the games at the beach. Hopefully Medion will become more successful, improve their service and grow together with farmers.

Medion Tours 2018, Explore Manado

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