Every 3 months, Medion invites employees to actively support others through blood donation This activity is part of the Medion Peduli Sesama program. In addition, donating blood also has many benefits, such as providing a new blood supply due to the increased production of red blood cells so that the body feels fresher, helps lose weight, reduces stress, and maintains physical health.

Checking hemoglobin levels before donating blood

In collaboration with Indonesian Red Cross Society, Bandung Regency, the blood donation was held on January 17-18th, 2023 and attended by 196 employees. The activity went well and collected 161 blood bag gourds.

Blood donation in Medion

One of the donors, Sherin from the Corporate Communications division said, “This was my first blood donor experience, I felt tense because I was afraid that my hemoglobin level and blood pressure would not be up to standard. I donated blood because there used to be a friend who had difficulty finding blood for treatment. Since then, I decided to help others by donating blood.” It’s different with Astri, “I really want to donate blood, but imagining the syringe size makes me doubtful. Thanks to friend encouragement, I finally got up the courage and it turned out that the injection was not felt at all,” she said.

Medion hopes to continue working with Indonesian Red Cross Society to make better contributions to others. Hopefully, with the noble spirit, more employees will take part in blood donors regularly because every drop of blood donation can save lives.

Medion’s Blood Donation Is An Act of Humanity

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