vitamins for poultry

To stimulate growth and reduce stress
To stimulate egg production and hatchability
To maintain feed conversion
To support treatment of infectious diseases as well as to overcome vitamin deficiencies

Stimulate growth, reduce mortality, overcome stress, maintain feed conversion and egg production:
  10 grams per 60 liters of drinking water
Support treatment to overcome vitamin deficiencies:
  10 grams per 15 liters of drinking water
Maintain egg production rate at the highest rating point:
  10 grams per 120 liters of drinking water

Store in a tightly closed container, in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight

Box                       :   30 sachets @  10 g
Glass                    :     2 sachets @  50 g
Plastic container    :   10 sachets @ 100 g
                                 10 sachets @  50 g
Dos                       :   20 sachets @ 250 g
Drum                     : 200 sachets @ 100 g

For veterinary use only

Indonesia      : KEMENTAN RI No. D0609647 PTS.3
China            : (2007) 017
Philippines    : VRI-99-845
Vietnam        : MDI-33


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