Haesuto Sprayer (HSS) is a sprayer machine for DOC (Day Old Chick) vaccination, using HSS is more time-efficient than conventional applications (drops)

Fitur dan kelebihan :
• Complete with 4 pieces nozzle 150 – 200 μm, which is used for achieve precise doses and smooth spray results throughout the DOC box
Sprayer can be operate in manual or automatic way according to operator/breeder comfort
• There are automatic counter to count the number of DOC box that have been vaccinated
• Handling box of DOC with one system way for fast and orderly
• Complete with lights to increase preening activity (pecking feather between DOC) and indicators of vaccination process

Specifications :
Target animal : DOC (Day Old Chick)
Vaccination Technique : Spray
Dimension : 84.5 x 65 x 128 cm
Air pressure : 6 bar
Volume spray : Can be arrange (recommendation: 16 ml)
Spray Grain Size : 150 – 200 μm
• Spray cope : 630 x 520 mm
• Speed : 30.000 – 40.000 DOC/hour
• Framework : Stainless steel
Equipped with a nozzle

Haesuto Sprayer
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