complete, non-antibiotic, multivitamins preparation + electrolytes

(A + B-complex + C + D + E + K + electrolytes)


  • Enhance body resistance and prevent stress before and after vaccination, debeaking, due to house relocation, change of feed, during poor weather conditions and molting
  • Prevent vitamin deficiencies in chickens with growth abnormalities, decline in egg production and poor feather growth
  • Accelerate recovery after illness and after administration of antibiotics


  • 1 gram per 1 liter of drinking water, administered for 2 days before and after vaccination
  • 1 gram per 2 liters of drinking water, administered for 7-10 consecutive days to prevent stress after house relocation, during poor weather conditions and change of feed; during growth abnormalities and decline in egg production as well as health recovery after illness


Store in a tightly closed container, in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight


Plastic container : 20 sachets @ 250 gram

Plastic pail : 100 sachets @ 100 gram

Drum : 200 sachets @ 250 gram

100 sacs @ 500 gram

10 sacs @ 1 kg


For veterinary use only

Indonesia : KEMENTAN RI No. D 0012755 PTS

China : (2008) 016


Produk Unggulan

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