Freeze dried live vaccine against Newcastle disease (ND) and infectious bronchitis (IB) in poultry


Medivac ND-IB is indicated for first vaccination and revaccination against ND and IB in broilers, roosters, layers and breeders


Medivac ND-IB of 1 dose per chicken may be administered through eye/ nose drop, drinking water or spray

Administration through Eye/ Nose Drop

Dissolve Medivac ND-IB in buffer solution or an appropriate diluent. Shake until the solution is thoroughly mixed but do not foam. Apply one drop of vaccine solution to the eye of each chicken. Wait until the eye absorps the solution completely (chicken would blink several times), then release the chicken. Nose drop administration is done by plugging one nostril while applying the solution to the other. Release the chicken after the solution is completely inhaled

Administration through Drinking Water

  • Prior to giving treated drinking water, the chickens should be fasted from water for 2 – 3 hours (the duration depends on the weather condition). During hot weather, the chickens should be fasted for one hour at most
  • Drinkers should be sufficient for all of the chickens to drink at the same time. Do not use drinkers that are made from cans
  • Do not use water containing disinfectant 48 hours before and 24 hours after vaccination
  • The drinking water used should not contain chlorine or metal residues. If it is not distilled water, add 20 – 30 grams of Medimilk (skim milk) to every 10 liters of drinking water 30 minutes before the vaccine is dissolve. Medimilk helps to preserve the efficacy of the vaccine during administration
  • Sufficient amount of drinking water required for vaccination that is likely to be consumed completely within 2 hours, should be prepared. Fill half of the vaccine vial with drinking water then close the vial back and shake well before mixing the vial content with the rest of the drinking water
  • To ensure that all chickens get the right dosage, half of the treated water is given 30 minutes prior to the second half
  • The treated drinking water should be placed in shaded places away from direct sunlight

Administration via Spray

  • Be sure that the sprayer used is free from disinfectant, sediment and rust. It will be better if the sprayer is used for vaccination only
  • Prepare solvent, such as distilled water or clean cold water, containing no chlorine or metal residues. The amount of the solvent depends on the number of chickens to be vaccinated
  • Dissolve the whole content of the vaccine vial into the solvent thoroughly and mix well. Then pour into the sprayer carefully
  • Close all confinement doors and ventilation outlets. Turn off fans
  • The chickens are sprayed 30 – 40 cm above their heads. For better results, chickens should be in their ‘crouching’ position
  • After 20 – 30 minutes, open all confinement doors, ventilation outlets and turn on fans


This program may be used as a general guide. It may be modified to suit certain conditions

First vaccination should be given at 4 days of age with Medivac ND-IB. Revaccination is done 3 and 5 weeks later with Medivac ND-IB or Medivac ND La Sota

Vaccination should be repeated in future layers and breeders at the age of 56 days, 112 days and every 2 – 3 months with live ND vaccine (Medivac ND-IB, Medivac ND Clone 45 or Medivac ND La Sota) or with inactivated oil emulsion ND vaccine (Medivac ND-IB Emulsion, Medivac ND-EDS-IB Emulsion or Medivac ND-IB-IBD Emulsion) every 6/ 3 months, if necessary


  1. Do not use vaccine with cracked vial or broken seal
  2. Vaccinate healthy chickens only because sick ones cannot achieve optimum antibody level
  3. Protect vaccine from heat and direct sunlight
  4. Upon opening, vaccine must be used immediately and consumed completely within 2 hours
  5. Wash and disinfect hands as well as apparatus used after vaccination. Vaccine bottles, packages, and unused vaccine must be burnt, boiled or soaked in disinfectant for 30 minutes before disposal
  6. Chickens suffering from any disease will obtain low antibody level; therefore, check their antibody titer 3 weeks after vaccination, and if necessary, revaccinate. The tests used for monitoring antibody titer are Haemagglutination Inhibition (HI) or Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)


Store vaccine at 2 – 8°C Expiry date is valid only if vaccine is stored at recommended conditions


100, 500, 1,000 and 3,000 doses

For veterinary use only

Indonesia : KEMENTAN RI No. D 14031860 VTS.2

China : (2002)

Vietnam : MDI–10

Pakistan : 033208

Cambodia : FR04 0056/0316 BKP-DAL

Tanzania : TAN 09,166 J07A MED

Medivac ND-IB
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