The best distribution service is realized by optimizing the level of stock availability in addition to fast delivery. Currently, our offices and branch warehouses are spread across big cities and livestock centers throughout Indonesia.

Warehouses equipped with warehouse management systems to ensure product quality

  1. Facilities and infrastructure accommodate product requirements
  2. Implement FIFO and FEFO principles
  3. Implement batch tracking system supported by Automatic
  4. Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology

Inventory management system and reverse logistics to ensure availability of stock of goods at distribution points as well as accelerate the turnover of goods and utilization of assets

Transportation management system to support the distribution of goods consisting of various vehicle types to meet the needs of large, medium and smaller volumes of shipping. The entire fleet is routinely checked and has passed the emission test.

Cold chain management system is applied to products that require temperature control in the storage and distribution process from the factory to the customer.

An integrated information technology system that is developed periodically to promote improved efficiency and internal control

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