A tool used for delivering water from a torn to a water line drinker. Equipped with a filter, dosatron mechanical pump, and a water meter to record water discharge. Main water supply has several functions:
1. Torn
As a source of drinking water for chickens. The minimum height of the torn is 2 – 3 meters. To prevent the warming of torn water from the sun, the torn must be protected with a roof or the torn must be painted white so it can reflects the sun’s heat.
2. Watermeter
To measure the amount of water consumption
3. Filters
To filter water from dirt sediment & prevent clogging in the nipple drinker.
4. Pressure Meter
To measure water pressure. This item is optional (not required to be installed).
5. Medicator
To give antibiotics, vitamins, or vaccines automatically into the water pipe line. Medicator is able to regulate the amount of drug dispensed, for example on a scale of 1%, which means 1 ml of medicine for every 100 ml of drinking water.

Main Water Supply

Produk Unggulan

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