Medion is consistently active in providing education to farmers through roadshow activities to achieve its mission of providing high quality and complete products backed by proper training and excellent service. After a two-year wait, Medion was finally able to hold roadshow activities offline while still paying attention to health protocols.

The roadshow was held from August 10th to August 25th 2022, in several cities: Semarang, Sukorejo, Yogyakarta and Solo. In the Roadshow series, Medion presented drh. Christina Lilis L. (Technical Support Manager), drh. Suwadi (Regional Manager), Riana Yuliana., S.Si (Pharmaceutical Product Business Development Manager), and drh. Debby Saraswati (Biological Product Technical Support Staff) as speakers.

The education Medion provides breeders is knowledge and insight into technical issues related to livestock: the latest Avian Influenza H5N1 and Healthy Livestock with Herbs and Acidifiers.

Enthusiasm of the participants is reflected not only in the number of participants, but also during the training. During the presentation of the materials, the participants actively participated in the Q&A session with the speakers. The participants said that the education provided by Medion was very useful. This was communicated directly by one of the participants, Mr. Samsul, Area Manager Coordinator of PT Rehobat.

“Medion’s roadshow is very beneficial to us. The information is gaining my insights, especially regarding AI because it turned out to be a lot of new information. In addition, this roadshow also explores the problems we are facing so that they suit our needs. We also want to appreciate Medion for providing fast and good service and its products that are proven to be of quality to maintain poultry health.”

We hope that Medion’s roadshow activities will bring added value to customers. Medion is a reliable partner, striving to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Best of luck for Medion!

Medion Holds Roadshow Again

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