Challenge after challenge is increasingly hitting livestock in Indonesia. For farmers to respond wisely to these challenges, they need the right and proper understanding. Therefore, Medion provides an educational seminar for breeders which be held on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 at Horison Hotel, Sukabumi.

Medion raised the topic of the latest disease updates that are currently spreading. Presenting two speakers, namely Melina Jonas (Animal Health Director) and Yulia Fransisca, S.Pt (TEC Nutrition &; Poultry Management Assistant Manager). The main topic raised was the development of the latest H5N1 Avian Influenza virus. In addition, also a topic that is no less interesting is about vigilance against fungi and mycotoxins.

Avian Influenza H5N1 is one of the diseases that is being highlighted, specifically by the government. On this occasion, Medion passed on the facts and how to overcome them so that we can properly anticipate them. This was followed by a panel discussion on fungi and mycotoxins. Fungi and mycotoxins are said to be immunosuppressants and can cause vaccine failure, so this should be considered. This can be solved by using quality toxin binders and fungicides.

Not only in the city of Sukabumi, previously Medion has held similar education in the cities of Lampung, Payakumbuh, Pare-Pare, Sidrap, and will be held in Denpasar and Tangerang in June 2023. This series of educational seminars (roadshows) is one form of Medion’s services to educate its customers about the latest issue information. Furthermore, it is hoped that the content of this seminar will serve as a solution for farmers who have problems in the field.

Medion Provides Sukabumi Farmers with Latest Livestock Disease Education
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