Medion Tours is an event that Medion regularly holds for its customers once a year. This time, Medion Tours chose Kain Tapis City, Lampung. This city was also the first Medion Tours destination ten years ago, but the tourist destinations there still have their own charm.

A total of more than 200 breeders from all regions in Indonesia participated in this event. They were greeted with a lively opening ceremony at Amalia Hotel, Lampung. Provided was a photo booth with the theme “10 years of Medion Tours”, where participants can take pictures with unique props that have been provided by the committee.

In this particular trip, the committee provided several tour packages that each participant can choose from, namely Adventure, Superb Adventure, Leisure, and Superb Leisure. Each tour package has its own advantages, such as the Adventure and Superb Adventure packages allowing guests to participate in water sports, while Leisure and Superb Leisure are for participants who want to relax and shop more.

The targeted tourist spots are favorite locations in the Lampung area, such as Tegal Mas Beach where participants can do water sports. Uniquely, the committee held a togetherness event in Tegal Mas, where participants could participate in various competitions such as Karaoke, Stand Up Comedy, and others. There, the participants were also invited to a barbecue for dinner.

Known for its beautiful ocean, Lampung offers many beautiful locations for snorkeling. Medion Tours participants were invited to snorkel in Cukuh Bedil and Nemo Park, located in the Pahawang Island area. The beauty of the sea can also be enjoyed in Kiluan Bay where participants can swim and see dolphins.

Aside from the ocean, Lampung has a variety of other interesting destinations to visit. Among them is Wira Garden, where the participants take part in outbound activities, and the beautiful Villa Gardenia with views of the open sea. The participants were also invited to visit Way Kambas to see the elephant training that is well known to the international world. Further, participants enjoyed the beauty of the Puncak Mas tourist attraction.

Beyond visiting tourist attractions, participants can also take part in class activities, which are not only educational but also entertaining. Class activities that can be selected by participants are the Cooking Class and Business Class. In Business Class, the material presented is in accordance with the latest field conditions. The first topic was Lampung Animal Husbandry Business Process The Importance of NKV Standardization (Veterinary Control Number) for Farmers, which was presented by Jenny Soelistiani MM, chairman of the Lampung National Laying Pinsar and drh. Purnama Edy Santosa M.Sc., Head of Production at Ramajaya Group Lampung. Another interesting topic was the Update and Control of Fowl Adenovirus Infection in Indonesia, presented by drh. Witarso, Regional Manager of Medion. Further, there was the topic of the Closed House enclosure presented by Dede Heri, District Assistant Manager of Medion.

In a series of Medion Tourism events, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was also carried out by visiting SDN 1 Sukamaju, Bandar Lampung. The event was filled with campaigns to encourage the consumption of animal protein, especially chicken eggs, given the importance of animal protein to increase the intelligence of the nation’s children. The children welcomed the Medion group and the Medion Tour participants with enthusiasm.

No tour is complete without buying souvenirs. The participants shop for typical Lampung souvenirs at Griya Batik Gabovira and Aneka Sari Rasa souvenir shop. All participants were happy to follow the entire series of events that have been neatly designed by the committee.

No tour is complete without buying souvenirs. The participants shop for typical Lampung souvenirs at Griya Batik Gabovira and Aneka Sari Rasa souvenir shop. All participants were happy to follow the entire series of events that have been neatly designed by the committee.

Testimonials of Participants :

Sonni Wibowo Adisuwito – CV Saerah Blitar

The program was good, the committee was also kind, and everything was neatly arranged. Particularly for events at Tegal Mas and Way Kambas. All good and satisfying.

Fera Indrayeni – CV Rajawali Feed Center

The most memorable thing for me in this Medion Tour event is the strengthening of the kinship between Medion and its partners, as well as among its partners who come from various regions in Indonesia. At Tegal Mas Beach the program was good and games made the atmosphere exciting. God willing, we can apply these games in our respective places of business. The facilities provided are quite good, the punctuality is also good, the service from the committee is also extraordinary. No complaints at all, all in good fun. Hopefully next year we can participate in the Medion Tour event again.

Rudy Kris – PT Ramajaya Lampung

Even though I was tired and exerted a lot of effort, the tour in Kiluan Bay really impressed me. It’s rare to see dolphins. All that is good is not easy. In terms of service it is also satisfying, the food provided is also more than adequate. I hope to participate again next year. Success for Medion.

Medion Tour : Tracing the City of Kain Tapis
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